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SALMON ELEPHANT PIE Becoming ludicrous: an instructional manual.

Making, part 2: Sugar, Salt, and Ned the Neanderthal

We start making.  We start by putting two ends of a circuit into water (very weak connection) and then saltwater (much stronger connection).  Why does this happen?  We theorize that it’s the salt, since the other components (glass, water) are the same.  How can we test it?    We decide to make salt and sugar…

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Summer STEAM = Learning and Enjoying Deeply

Masking tape is everywhere.  Paper clips, scotch tape, thick and thin paper litter the tables, and shreds of everything are strewn all over.  Some of the kids are running amok, their energy too far gone to be pent up any longer.  But a few others are laboring over their hard-won rockets, changing this little thing…

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We are hosting Maker Camp Petaluma!

Maker Petaluma @ Meadow School We are hosting Maker Camp!  We bring the supplies, you come do epic things, and (optionally) post them online!  Then you go home, inspired and fired up, and check out other people’s projects online.  Your summer will be amazeballs.  (The online portion is free and we highly recommend signing in and…

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Taking Ownership vs. Accepting Blame

  A few months ago, I was part of a very uncomfortable conversation on the subject of my impatience with a newer student.  It was true: he was a newbie, and I was tired, and in the process of my arm being tenderized, I spoke sharply to him.  He didn’t really notice, as his attention…

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