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SALMON ELEPHANT PIE Becoming ludicrous: an instructional manual.


About Us

Michelangelo, describing how he carved "David."Salmon Elephant Pie documents serious flights of fancy.  We are young at heart, believing firmly in the power of play, exploration, and Making things, but with the life experience, skills, and sharpness of professionals.  We are essentially lifelong tinkerers who have convinced the world that we are adults. Thus we can manage our own time, resources, and decisions, and can now take action on the projects we daydreamed about when we were young.  We get to play with duct tape, power tools, computer chips, and variable power supplies.  We take paint and throw it at a canvas that seems to need it.  We are scientists, parents, and friends, here to share and scare and laugh and engage.

IMG_0419We have a few rules, but one of them is this:  Be Cool.  This doesn’t mean “try to be cooler than someone else.”  It means be the type of friend/colleague you’d like to have.  Respect other people, and their projects.  Don’t be on fire.  (Know where the fire extinguisher is, though, just in case.)  When someone is in the zone, don’t bother them.  When someone needs help, and it’s easy for you, please help them.  Finally, please, don’t be mean.  It steals time and energy from projects that need your help, it makes Maker Lab not a very fun place, and we all (including you) deserve better.

This blog includes information about lifehacking, and generally deep thoughts.  We like it that way.




  1. naomi crawford October 12, 2016 - 8:50 pm Reply

    I’d love more info for my 10 year old son!

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