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SALMON ELEPHANT PIE Becoming ludicrous: an instructional manual.


Make: Everything

makeyourselfWe have been into Making since before it had a capital letter.  (We nearly set the carpet on fire in our house in Portland, but these days we have a lab space with a concrete floor.)  Fast forward a few years, and our latest projects include a stop-motion animation station and building out a new biology mini-lab.

We believe in empowering Young Makers with the tools they need to bring their creativity into fruition.  We believe Young Makers can and should experiment with materials and tools.  We believe that skillful and confident handling of tools and materials of all kinds lends itself to being confident in our exploration of art, math, science, technology, and engineering. Emily helping L make a doll

We demonstrate projects regularly, to provide inspiration and expose the Makers to possibilities. We embrace the drive of creativity to experiment with materials and build skills in action. We don’t tell them it will always be easy; we tell them it will be worth it.

Happy Making!