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Maker Camp: Summer 2017, Session #1

IMG_4952Maker Camp is coming up! ¬†We have some exciting announcements….

Guest Makers, Session #1 (June 5-8):

ART // Monday — Emily R., Artist and Program Director at Sebastopol Center for the Arts, is returning! The Amazing Emily will be joining us and oozing creativity everywhere she goes….

DESIGN // Tuesday — Monette, Costume Designer, Artist, and Cosplay genius is joining us on Wednesday to lead interested Makers in Cosplay design projects.

SEWING // Wednesday — Nancy R. will be bringing her sewing machine to allow Makers to complete their Cosplay projects, or make a new one!

TECH // Thursday — Joseph C., Software Developer, CoderDojo Mentor, and co-founder of BuildBotics, will be joining us with his CNC machine, fresh from Maker Faire! We will be using his machine to design, program, and cut shapes out of wood.

We still have TWO spots left in Session 1. Ping me if you have an interested Maker. Note: we are sorry, but adults cannot register for Maker Camp (yet). Makers must be 8-16 years of age.

Candace • May 26, 2017

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