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SALMON ELEPHANT PIE Becoming ludicrous: an instructional manual.

Prototyping a layout for an arcade machine board.

Maker Camp: Summer 2017, Session #1

Maker Camp is coming up!  We have some exciting announcements…. Guest Makers, Session #1 (June 5-8): ART // Monday — Emily R., Artist and Program Director at Sebastopol Center for the Arts, is returning! The Amazing Emily will be joining us and oozing creativity everywhere she goes…. DESIGN // Tuesday — Monette, Costume Designer, Artist,…

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Maker Camp: Summer 2016

 Register now: We gather together to Make.  We build, create, design, do, and redo. Creativity is a necessarily wasteful process, and we embrace using lots of materials, imagination, purposeful effort, and time.  We lean forward into our creations. Some Makers focus on handmade ships, others on sewing handmade dolls and felt animals.  Another works on…

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Making: the Art of Making It How You Want It

Maker Camp is hard to describe.  If you understand the Maker Movement, you get it already.  If you don’t, it’s hard to put into a few words.  I’ll try to use words and images to convey meaning. Making is about recognizing that all things can be broken down into their constituent parts and played with,…

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Maker Camp, Summer 2017: Session #2

Maker Camp is just around the corner!  We have some exciting announcements…. Guest Makers, Session #2 (June 12-16): ART // Monday — Emily R., Artist and Program Director at Sebastopol Center for the Arts, is returning! The Amazing Emily will be joining us and oozing creativity everywhere she goes…. DESIGN // — Monette, Costume Designer,…

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Science: Hands-On Discovery

Science is the process of discovery.  So getting hands-on is simply the best way to learn science!  All the great scientists became great by setting out to discover.  (Can you think of any that didn’t?) There are lots of reasons why this is true:  Young people love science.  But they don’t love science from a…

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Science at the Seashore: Marine Debris and Albatross Stomachs

Science is best done in a hands-on/minds-on, immersive way.  We learn best when we go out and touch, experience, participate in and observe anything in its natural environment: its context.  That’s the premise of everything from outdoor education to internships.  (Note: the “natural environment” of a software company is the office, the lunchtime meetings, the…

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Week in Review: Maker Camp, Summer 2016, Session #1

Last week was an incredible week.  Maker Camp is always amazing, but these Makers really brought it.  This group was invested, engaged, and above all, kind.  Creativity oozed, paint splattered, steel burned, and PVC met bench grinder. Our theme this week was Creating Music.  In the mornings, we met for circle, and shared our gratitude…

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The Butterfly Ship floats down the Boulevard at the Butter & Eggs parade in April.

The Butterfly Ship Comes to Maker Camp!

Tessa McClary, director of the Butterfly Ship Project, has agreed to join us for featured projects this summer! June 6-10, she will be leading us in creating musical instruments, and Tessa and Candace are collaborating on a music/art/technology performance art project. July and August camps will feature the marriage of art, science, and music.  Stay…

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Controlling the arms of a giant metal squid!

Maker Faire 2016: Receiving

Maker Faire Maker Faire is the mecca for Makers.  We make every Monday, most summer and winter breaks, and on weekends.  We just love to Make Things.  So Maker Faire is an amazing place to go and see what other people have been making all year.  Just looking, asking, watching, and receiving creativity. The best part…

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Make: Taking it Apart!

Beautiful, isn’t it?  Sleek, simple, and communicating elegant, understated value. But you can’t take it apart. “Why do we care?”  You may ask. After all, wouldn’t you rather have the iPad at left in your bag instead of the mass of wires below (figure 1)?  Wouldn’t the iPad be a more welcome item in your…

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